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The name LANGENBERG stands for quality bags and quality umbrellas. Every year we develop new products that are used sustainably and efficiently as promotional items.

With a maximum of style, design and technical precision, LONGHILL has been producing watches with branded equipment since 1997. Over the years, LONGHILL has been expanded to include eyewear, USB, Powerbank and Nailcare collections.

In case of LANGENBERG 100 the name says it all. Because here the individually produced wish bag is manufactured starting from 100 pieces after your design conceptions.

LANGENBERG Europe stands for quality bags from Europe, which are made individually from 100 pieces and with extremely fast delivery times.

Lanyards that are called WILYARDS necklaces and lanyards individually from 1,000 pieces. OVERHEAD Multifuntionelle headscarves made of microfiber from 100 pieces individually designable. MILLEPEDE Tausenfüßler for advertising individual sandals and beach shoes from 1,000 pieces.